Grendel's Revenge is a game of roleplaying and achievement.

As a social monster you will be able to form clans and build lairs. You will join together with your fellows in a complex social structure. If you are able you will slowly build your own web of followers until you can break your ties with your own master and form a clan of your own.

As a wandering monster you will be able to roam and pillage, to take what you need and leave what you do not. You will slay Uglies with claw and tooth, with club and blade, with sling and bow, with venomous tail and fiery breath. And, you may war against other monsters too, for that is Grendel's way. When you at last fall back into Grendel's embrace — for all do in the end — if you have gained his favor, you may find yourself climbing the Karmic wheel of life, and reincarnating as something greater than you were.

Grendel's Revenge is built upon a complex and well-tested game engine, developed by Worlds Apart and tested in The Eternal City for over five years. It has been streamlined and rewritten for special use in Grendel's Revenge, but still retains numerous mature features.